Saturday, 1 November 2014

End of an Era.

A new life starts for me on Monday, with a new job waiting for me.

The studio closed today on November 1st, 2014, after twenty-one years of successful trading as a professional tattoo artist.  Sadly Renshaw Street died due to the recession, nearby businesses moving to Liverpool One or closing completely, and the emphasis on creating student accomodation in the vicinity.

I will continue to create my own art and photography.  Feel free to visit this website for up-to-date news.

Thanks for the memories - here's to some new ones.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Giant Puppets, Liverpool.

Look what walked past my studio yesterday!

Who's looking at you, kid?

Giant walks along Renshaw Street, Liverpool.


Friday, 28 March 2014

The Dumb Things I'm Asked...

Would you ask a plumber for the cheapest pipes, or an electrician for the cheapest wire? No, of course not - you'd want appropriate materials for the job. So why ask for the cheapest tattoo rather than make the effort to select a design you like and want, a design that actually has meaning for you?

You're going to live with a tattoo for a long time. Yes, you can usually get it covered over with a bigger, darker design, (if that's what you really want). Yes, you can have it removed by laser, (which is expensive, doesn't always work well and often leaves a scar). But it would be easier to take your time and choose a design with care.

What Not to Ask:
  • What's your cheapest tattoo?
  • Can you tattoo me quickly because I've got to go to work/the pub/on holiday?

What To Ask:
  • May I see your Licence? (Mine is displayed on my studio wall).
  • How long have you been here? (My studio opened in 1993, but I've been tattooing since I was aged eleven).
  • Can you tell me about your hygiene policy? (My autoclave and equipment are in full view, but if in any doubt just ask me about any aspect of this).
  • What's your after-care policy?  (If you've any problems or concerns about your new tattoo by me, come back and see me ASAP).