Tattoo Aftercare

Choosing Your New Tattoo

Take plenty of time to choose a new tattoo.  Don't rush to get the first thing you think of.  Consider that your tastes may change over passing years. 

Think carefully about how visible your tattoo would be and whether you want a tattoo which would be on show all the time.  Some employers may discriminate against you if your tattoos are visible.

Think carefully before having a boyfriend's or girlfriend's name tattooed on you.  If you split up, you'll be left with a tattoo you no longer want.  This can usually be covered up with a larger design - but would you want this?

Be wary of gimmicky designs!  It might look cool to you now, but will you feel the same twenty or fifty years down the road?

A tattoo is for life.  Laser removals can leave scarring and can leave darker pigments behind in the skin.   Richie Tattoo Artist wants you to be proud of your new tattoo for all time - so if he advises you to think again, please listen!

Tattoo Aftercare

1) Keep the dressing on till you get home, then remove it and wash the area off with warm, soapy water.

2) A light scab will form after a day.  DO NOT PICK, SCRATCH OR RUB IT!  Doing so could damage your tattoo.

3) Avoid all kinds of dirt, (eg. oil, dust, lime, paint, rust, cement), until your tattoo has healed.  If you work with any of these, keep your tattoo covered during working hours.

4)  Do not wear wool or similarly fibrous textiles next to your new tattoo.

5)  Be very careful to avoid cross-infection from bacteria, eg. bacteria carried on your hands.  For the same reason, do not let other people touch your new tattoo until it has totally healed. 

6)  Keep cosmetics off new tattoos, as these may cause infection or an allergic reaction.

7)  Wash your hands before applying any cream.  Use only your own tube/pot at home, to avoid cross-infection.  Antibiotic creams should not be used without the supervision of your doctor.

8)  Do not use sunbeds or natural sunbathing for at least three weeks after getting a new tattoo.

9)  If you follow these instructions properly you should encounter no problems at all.  If you have any problems at all about a tattoo created by Richie Tattoo Artist, then come into the studio promptly to discuss your concerns.


The Environmental Health Department's Tattoo Aftercare Document
dated June 2013.
(click on the image to view it larger)

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